Trafodion is currently transitioning to the Apache Incubator. This website is for the Apache Trafodion project and is under development. You might want to visit Trafodion’s previous website located at which is not affiliated with Apache.

Welcome to Apache Trafodion

Apache Trafodion is a webscale SQL-on-Hadoop solution enabling transactional or operational workloads on Hadoop. The name .Trafodion. (the Welsh word for transactions, pronounced .Tra-vod-eee-on.) was chosen specifically to emphasize the differentiation that Trafodion provides in closing a critical gap in the Hadoop ecosystem. Trafodion builds on the scalability, elasticity, and flexibility of Hadoop. Trafodion extends Hadoop to provide guaranteed transactional integrity, enabling new kinds of big data applications to run on Hadoop. To learn more, see the Trafodion Product Brief (pdf 162 KB)

Key Features

Key Benefits